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Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company is the right company for anyone wanting to export and store various quantities of chemicals. With 72 tanks in different sizes – varying from 98 m³ to 269,600 m³ – we are always able to offer you the best solution to your logistics needs. That is why all of our tanks feature automated volume and temperature measurement as well. Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company safely and efficiently loads tankers of crude oil that are exported out of Russia and Rotterdam ports such as commercial seaport of Novorossiysk, Vladivostok port, Primorsk port, Vanino, Murmansk, Primorsk port, Nakhodka Vyborg and Vysotsk Seaports, and other storage facilities at the Baltic sea.


Tank capacity

Tank capacity - 629,000 m³

Number of tanks - 126

Tank size - Ranging from 1,000 m3 - 68,600 m3


Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" independent storage company Terminals have reached a long term agreement for the construction of new jetties at the WSF terminal in Pernis – Rotterdam. ‘This new jetty is the first and a very important step in the expansion of our terminal in Rotterdam.

Type tank

Mild steel - Yes

Mild steel coated - Yes

Mild steel insulated - Yes

Internal floating roofs ( k1 tanks only) - Yes

Tank heating - No

Sphere - No

Classification - K1, K2, K3


Seagoing vessels till 250m - Yes

Coaster - Yes

Barge - Yes

Road - Yes

Rail - Yes

Pipeline to other sites - Yes



Truck Loading Stations - 9

Number of jetties - 8

Berths - 5 for SGV, 16 for barges

Maximum draft* - 14.50m

Maximum length - 260m

Maximum width - 50m

Classification** K1, K2, K3, K4

Certification/ Recognitions** - ISPS, ISCC, AEO

Category** - TANK STORAGE