Storage Tank Leasing


Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO we operate storage tanks for oil or tanks for fuels and lubricants are designed for long-term storage of all types of oil and oil products. Tanks for the storage of petroleum products are metal (metal tanks - RVS tank steel vertical, horizontal steel tank CSG), concrete (reinforced concrete tanks or tanks), frame, and soft.


Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO offers cargo supply in sizes of 1.000 – 500.000 MT. The cargoes are typically sold basis delivery to the clients' own shore tanks or can be delivered ex installation. Our product expertise is especially focussed on fuel oil, auto diesel, heating oil, gas oil, marine gas oil (MGO), marine gas oil (DMA), F75, F76, JET-A1, F35 Jet, F54, F44, RMD-80, and bitumen. Fuel oil covers several products such as high sulfur and low sulfur fuel oils as well as grades from IFO30, IFO60, IFO80, IFO120, IFO180, IFO380, and straight run fuel oil.


Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company carries out pipeline flows with teams of experienced experts with extensive knowledge and idea in the areas of pipeline engineering, metallurgy, welding, and control systems, as well as the pipeline regulatory environment. We have access to and use highly-trained specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to examine and test pipeline components involved in occurrences in order to identify and confirm safety deficiencies.


Bulk cargo is transported in covered wagons on platforms and in open-box cars of various types that facilitate unloading from different sides. This is particularly convenient for loose raw materials and construction materials. Loose bulk cargo can be transported in special wagon hoppers with an opening hatch below for faster unloading of cargo such as grain or gravel.



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