Core Focus.


Our Extended Services
Shipping service agency.
Shore Tanks Leasing
Transportation of Oil /Petroleum through Pipe Line.
Control of loading and unloading cargo at the port.
Supply vessels with the Regulation
Fulfillment of the requirements of the ship.


We Provide Logistics Services for renting Trucks with professional Drivers for Delivery of your Cargo to your Dentation in a timely manner. Our Logistics services of Shipment of Cargo by Trucks with our professional Drivers to Handle and Deliver your Cargo to any Destination within the Russia Federation, CIS Countries, and Neighboring European Countries

Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO COMPANY.

has been awarded various certificates that show its compliance with the strictest criteria set for international logistics services. We have CDI-T, ISCC, AEO, ISPS, ISO-9001:2002, and ISO 14001:2004 certifications.

WHAT WE DO​​​​​​​.

Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company provides Storage Logistics Services of Storage Tanks, Storage, and warehousing of oil and refined products at Commercial Sea Ports, reception, and Storage and Distribution of Crude Oil and various Crude Oil Petroleum Products of all grades under a lease.


Ensure Safe Storage and Handling of bulk liquid products

operates owned tank storage in Russia and Netherlands, which are operated by our management and not owned by oil companies in Russia and Netherlands, and our management charges all oil companies the necessary bills for storage and handling their products. Our tank farms are situated above the ground and while some are beneath the ground with support for successful discharges of products into heavy-duty oil tankers and pipelines. We have large industrial amenities for the storage of oil and petroleum products before these products are formally transported to the end-users or further to storage facilities.