Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company ensures and maintains the highest level of operational safety and aim for no negative impacts on the environment by continuously modernizing & upgrading the Company’s infrastructure and processes, and realizing energy-efficient solutions;


Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company is one of the largest oil terminals in the world. As a joint venture of well-known oil companies, we have been performing an important function in the logistics chain between oil producers and the five Russian refineries for almost 18 years. Due to the good maritime infrastructure, the largest tankers can moor at us.




Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company comprises a group of companies actively operating in the international markets in the areas of storage tank leasing and project finance, import/export operations, logistics expertise, freight transmission and business consulting services. We are fully aware of the procedures, starting from the pipeline or tank truck receipt point into storage facilities and onto aircraft. Scheduling and receiving fuel via pipeline or tank truck is part of our service at many locations we operate. We operate in the real economy sector of the former Soviet Union, bringing significant operating experience and professional expertise accumulated over many years through the provision of practical activities and solutions in the area of rendering storage tanks facilities and shipping of petroleum products to different destinations worldwide.



Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company works not only in accordance with the highest international safety and quality standards when receiving and storing petroleum products from Russia and other CIS countries and loading them onto tankers for international destinations, but also strictly follows the principles of fair business practice and anti-corruption environment. The company organizes open tenders, provides transparent reports, fulfills conditions of the concluded contracts, and ensures open and verified information flow to the customers, cooperation partners, employees, and community.


​​​​​​​Dkho "Tatsinskaya Tankfarm" OOO Company sustain its stable position as one of the dynamic and leading crude and petroleum product storage and transshipment terminal within the Baltic region while remaining to be a leader in terms of environmental care, personnel safety, operational excellence, customer service, and technological development, and is recognized as the best employer with strong values among all enterprises operating in the ports and beyond.